Website design

SpinneyWeb designs is a website design company created in 2000 in the UK and based in Canada since 2020. We specialize in building web sites for small to medium sized businesses and the home user market to date we have built in excess of 200 web sites.

We build Web Sites to meet the needs of the owners, and can vary from simple 4 or 5 page web sites through to complex multi page web sites using online shopping facilities. We build the site in English, but have translators who to translate them into French, Spanish or German as required.

We can either build the site and then hand over a working entity for you to maintain and develop, or we will maintain the site for you. (Click on menu option "Web Site Maintenance" for more details).

Web Site Hosting

We are partners for several different companies providing hosting, and will ensure that your site is hosted on the best server for your applications.